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A very special episode

Andrew Zimmern is a nice guy- 'nuff said, really, but I'm going to continue on.

A few years ago Andrew wrote about us for Delta's SKY magazine. Although we knew it would be great publicitity, we had no idea just how many fun people would be steered to us because of the article. Two clear instances stand out: first, a father and son who flew from Alanta to NYC for a Yankees game. On the morning they read the article, which inspired them to keep the magazine. In the eighth inning the Yankees were getting massacred, so they hopped the 2 train and came down to the truck! Wow! The second instance was when a woman read the article on a flight to Japan. She ripped "our page" out while standing at Narita airport's baggage claim, and the page stayed in her bag for a month until she had a stop in NYC. She showed me the mangled page, and had me sign it. How flattering is that?

Although Andrew had eaten at the truck in congnito and we spoke by phone for the Delta article, Bryan and I finally met him properly at the 2010 New York Wine and Food Festival and we became proper associates. Since then he has been a great supporter and advisor.

Last week he visted our shop for the first time. We thought he'd be around for a few minutes, since Mr. Z is wildly busy- but he actually stayed for close to two and a half hours. Who knew? My old friend David Samuel (violist of the Afiara String Quartet) stopped by, and Andrew posed with him. What a gentleman!

Eventually I coerced Andrew behind the ice cream machines. He seemed quite convinced that he'd be able to make a perfect cone- watch and judge for yourself how that played out.

Perfection!We had a fantastic time with Mr. Z, whom we next see at South Beach Wine and Food Festival's "Trucks on the Beach" event. We were surprised when his visit to our shop appeared in yet another article. Fancy! Thanks, Andrew. WE EFFING LOVE YOU.

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