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Monday wrap-up

Today was a tad on the slow side, but since the weather is appropriate for, say--- late March- I'm not surprised. I'm not really complaining, though, because it gives me a chance to chat with the folks who *do* show up. In this short time I've already found a few "regulars" and these are excellent people that I'm happy to have hang out. A few lovely ladies made a trip downtown just to get my treats, and that's very flattering.

I've made a few observations that may be of interest to others.

1. Soft-serve machines are vile monsters. They spew filth on you when you least expect it. Today my vanilla hadn't hardened and as I tested the nozzle mix shot out ALL OVER THE PLACE. It looked like a scene from "Dexter" but with vanilla mix instead of blood. Everything was coated. Thank Dog I know enough to bring a 2nd shirt along.

2. Kids want ice-cream and they don't give a god-damn if it's from a gay truck or not. One girl got so excited at the sight of the truck that she scream and hiked her dress up! Occasionally the parents are uncomfortable about the truck's orientation (I'm being nice) but it doesn't matter. The kid HAS TO HAVE IT. This whole scenario makes me intensely happy .

3. Nilla Wafers, crushed up, are a great thing to roll a cone in. Man oh man.

4. Junkies love dip-coat. On two separate occasions today I had clients who were clearly strung out. Pupils were pinpoints, speech patterns were odd. They both were really worried that I wouldn't have dip-coat, and when I told them that I could hook them up (yeah, that's the term I used- I sounded like the pusher-man) they were elated. FYI, one wanted chocolate and one wanted cherry.

Monday, 6/22 - Location & Toppings

Back up & running at the NW corner of Union Square West (aka Broadway for you non-NYers) & 17th St. This was a good spot on Friday, so hopefully this is my home for a while. Greenmarket is also open today in the square.

Today's special toppings (all standard ones are here too): maple syrup, Nilla wafers, dulce de leche, sriracha, cayenne.

Bad news: no chocolate! depot was out of it.

Side note: if this was a few months ago I'd say I was parked at Fishs Eddy. But alas it's now yet another Pret-a-Manger. They're popping up quicker than Starbucks!

Side note 2: Today is Bryan's (Lil Gay) sister's birthday. Shout out to the birthday girl!


Thanks for coming out today, everyone. I'm too pooped to write, so I'll just post my favorite picture.


Friday Afternoon Location

Parked the truck at the corner of Broadway & 17th Street. Come by for a cone - the sun is finally out & the weather is warming up!


Taking the following:

Blueberries (as a topping, or have a blueberry shake!)
Saba (have it with your blueberries)
Ginger Crisps. Cute lil' cookies.
Pretzels. Have em on a sundae, with chocolate sauce. Purr!
Dulce de Leche
Nutella (for ice cream sandwiches with a layer of goo-love)

MORNING: Roaming the West Village, working on choosing a semi-permanent spot. Will post when I settle in.

EVENING: Will be at 466 Grand St (at Pitt) by 6:30.

Lord, let the sun shine for a few minutes!