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Sighting: Huntington, WV


Sighting: San Jose, CA


What day is it? ARNGRIM DAY. Always.

Alison Arngrim just became a BGICT follower on Twitter. If you only knew how that makes my eyes bug out of my head. Alison does some of the best gay-rights typing in all of Twitter-land... her posts have been especially interesting in the last day, what with the prop-8 hotmess in overdrive. What a pretty lady she is!

Alison: every day is ARNGRIM DAY on my truck, and you always eat free. 

I'm ready to crawl into the coffin; go ahead and throw some dirt on once the lid is closed.  I'm so happy I should just call it quits now! You still don't know why? Hmm... maybe you know her by the TV character that every young gay boy wanted to have on his side...



Sighting: NY, NY


Wine, whine, wine

Bitching never gets you anywhere... or does it? I say it doesn't, but "doing the opposite" worked for George Constanza on one episode of "Seinfeld" so maybe it will work for me on one post.

I WANT MY GOD DAMNED PERMIT TO SHOW UP. I am sick of being GAY ICE CREAM MAN IN WAITING. I want to get my damned truck on the road, and I want a line of people at my window as if I were doling out brains to zombies. 

COME ON, STATE OF NEW YORK! You are known for getting things done in a timely and cost effective manner. Oh.. wait... I gave myself license to bitch. COME ON, STATE OF NEW YORK! You can't deal with simple shit like laminating my face? You idiots. We've all been to the DMV, and we know just how pathetic our state agencies are. HURRY UP, you lazy-ass fools.

The zombies need brains.

That is all.