Meet Big Gay Ice Cream's "Truckers," our New Ice Cream Sandwiches

We are excited to introduce you to our TRUCKERS – a line of ice cream sandwiches featuring combinations,both classic and new. TRUCKERS start with two chocolate wafer cookies, sandwich a layer of Big Gay Ice Cream in between and finish off with a roll in a unique topping or our house-blended sprinkles.

These are the sandwiches we've wanted to make since our early years on Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and that's why we are calling them TRUCKERS.

Holding Sally V with Logo FINAL.png

We'll  be introducing new TRUCKERS regularly at our shops. Our menu offerings will rotate but our two Simple Sally mainstays- the SALLY V. (vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles) and the SALLY C. (chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles)- will always in stock. 


Upcoming TRUCKER specials include:

BURNT: chocolate ice cream with a smear of sriracha rolled in red and orange sprinkles
SOCIETY DAME: bourbon butterscotch ice cream corseted with white nonpareils
DED VELVET: red velvet ice cream rolled in chocolate sprinkles
LEMONYOREO: lemon ice cream topped off with crushed Oreo cookies


We're sure everyone will find a TRUCKER that you'll want to drive home with and they're in luck. We'll be selling them individually and in sweet-deal six-packs. We hope you love these and agree with us that it's time to get Trucked!


Society Dame Horizontal Blue Background Final JPG.jpg

TRUCKERS are sold at all Big Gay Ice Cream shops.

One of our biggest breaks was when Gail Simmons talked us up on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." That episode premiered seven years ago today. That segment was one of the biggest game-changers for Big Gay Ice Cream. Who remembers seeing it?

Chicago/Nico Osteria

We're in Chicago this weekend for a Pride Weekend collaboration with Nico Osteria and their brilliant pastry chef Leigh Omilinksy. Details? Watch the video! Please note that I confused the Atlantic and Pacific oceans when talking about our pint availability. You can see that something was going wrong in my head when I made the screw-up. Oopsie-daisy. 


Chicago folk, please note that a few of our pints are available to you via Amazon Fresh. Look us up, you might get lucky.