Peanut Buster Sundae

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUSTER! Big Gay Ice Cream’s mascot is turning six and we are celebrating his birthday with a brand-new sundae.

The PEANUT BUSTER SUNDAE is a combination of flavors that everyone- human and canine- loves. We’re serving a waffle bowl filled with peanut butter soft-serve then dressed up with apple butter and peanut butter sauce. Banana chips are added on-the-side so that you can have a little chip & dip action. 

BUSTER BONUS! Our celebration gets even sweeter. The first two dozen Peanut Buster Sundaes sold at each Big Gay Ice Cream location (NYC West Village, NYC East Village and Philadelphia Center City) will also include an awesome pack of peanut butter ETTA SAYS! Treats To Go compliments of our friends at Specialty Dog Treats.

The PEANUT BUSTER SUNDAE will be available Wednesday December 20 through Saturday December 23.

Buster and Peanut Buster.jpg


Upper East Side-based is a purveyor of nutritious, unique, and appetizing products for beloved family pets. They share their customers’ desire to feed dogs healthy products made from only the highest quality ingredients originating from reputable sources. Specialty Dog Treats sells products made by companies who meet our high standards and share our values. Specialty Dog Treats should be followed on Instagram: @specialtydogtreats.

Buster started his days at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston ME. He’s a mutt, mostly American Foxhound with a lot of Jindo and a little bit of Dalmatian and Whippet tossed in. Buster is a needy attention-seeker; his photo appears twice in Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook APPETITES and he demanded his own Instagram account @bustertime. If you turn your back Buster will open the refrigerator door *and* pull out the crisper drawer unassisted. 

Peanut Buster Xmas Background.jpg