Paper Magazine Twitter Gangs of New York: The Culinary Crew

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Douglas Quint
Co-founder of Big Gay Ice Cream
All of these test batches of new recipes are making me feel like a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloon. Ginger ice cream for breakfast.

Kate Krader
Restaurant Editor, Food & Wine
I appreciate that "what’s the ($14) arugula salad" is vague, but didn’t need waitress to say, v slowly, "arugula is a vegetable."

Marco Canora
Chef and co-owner of Hearth and Terroir wine bars
I’m at a sushi restaurant in the Rockies named FOXNUT and there is not a Japanese person in sight. Should I be concerned?? I think yes.

Tom Colicchio
Chef & Owner of Craft Restaurants, Colicchio & Sons
Judge, Bravo’s Top Chef
Anyone watch Mildred Pierce last night, Kate did a great job of cutting up chicken.

Michele Humes
Freelance Writer
@kittenwithawhip Spent some time with Wiki entry for 'pleonasm' and have concluded that "avocado guacamole" is no worse than "tuna fish."

Kat Kinsman
Managing Editor,
@biggayicecream Ain't no burp like a ramp burp, baby, 'cause the ramp burps just don’t stop.