OLIVER DAY is January 25

On January 25 1974 one of the most important moments in television history aired. That's the day the Brady Bunch brought Cousin Oliver to live with them. This Thursday- January 25- we will be celebrating the 44th anniversary of Cousin Oliver’s first appearance with a salute to all the Olivers out there. 

Olver Slde WEB SLDE.jpg

Olivers are fighters. Olivers are determined to keep parties from fizzling out once they arrive. Olivers dive in, doing their best to help doomed scenarios. We need our Olivers. 

If your first, middle or last name is Oliver come to any Big Gay Ice Cream shop on Thursday January 25 and let us pay tribute to you. Any soft-serve cone you want, on us. Free. You deserve a day of your own, Oliver. 

You need to show an ID. Soft-serve cones only. Limit one cone per Oliver. Custom flavors, whipped cream- that sort of stuff is not free. Don't overstay your welcome, Oliver.