These Are the New Ice-Cream Flavors That Are Definitely Worth Trying This Spring

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Big Gay Ice Cream’s Blueberry Gobbler

For the first time in eight years of business, Big Gay has unleashed pre-packed pints on the market, available both in local New York shops and in grocery stores across the tristate area. There are seven total — in now-famous flavors like Salty Pimp — and a new one for spring called Lunchbox: strawberry ice cream stuffed with strawberry-filled peanut-butter cups and thick swirls of peanut butter. The standout, though, is Blueberry Gobbler, with vanilla ice cream, blueberries, pie-crust pieces, and a blueberry-balsamic swirl. Plus, at $6, the pints are cheaper than most.


You’ll soon be able to get Big Gay Ice Cream at your local bodega

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You won't have to trek downtown anymore to enjoy some of NYC’s best soft serve.
Big Gay Ice Cream, which began as a single truck in 2009 and then expanded to brick-and-mortar in 2011, is now expanding, well, everywhere.
You can pick up pints of six of their well-known sundaes, like Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip), American Globs (vanilla ice cream, sea salt, pretzels, chocolate dip) and even a new flavor with strawberry ice cream, peanut butter swirls and strawberry-filled peanut butter cups, dubbed Lunchbox.
Currently, you can only purchase the packaged treats through Fresh Direct or Amazon. However, the pints are expected to be stocked at local bodegas in the near future.

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Big Gay Ice Cream Is Headed to a Freezer Near You

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Watch your back, Ben & Jerry's. Eating straight from the pint just got a little bit more fabulous with the news that Big Gay Ice Cream is headed to grocery store freezers across the country.
The Manhattan-based food truck-turned-parlour will be rolling out re-imagined pint-sized versions of their famous flavors including the Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate dip) and Dorothy (an ode to Bea Arthur with vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and crushed vanilla wafer cookies). Other varieties include Birfdae Cëk, American Globs, Blueberry Gobbler and Rocky Roadhouse, along with a brand-new concoction named Lunchbox: a blend of strawberry ice cream with strawberry-filled peanut butter cups and peanut butter swirls. Cue the shocked face emoji.
Founded by Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has expanded its brick-and-mortar locations to include spots in both the East and West Village, a store in Philadelphia and a shake counter in Gansevoort Market. While their products are currently available on Amazon and Fresh Direct, a full list of retailers will eventually be posted here.
Summer just got a hell of a lot sweeter knowing that these will be within arm's reach at all times.


NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream Goes Pint-Sized

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New York City ice cream institution Big Gay Ice Cream is releasing pints of its soft serve.
Seven pint-sized flavors have been posted on, including American Globs, Birthday Cake, Dorothy, Blueberry Gobbler, Rocky Roadhouse, Lunchbox, and fan favorite Salty Pimp.
Big Gay Ice Cream's website has also added a “where to buy” section, which will be accessible on Tuesday at :

Big Gay Ice Cream started as a seasonal food truck in 2009 before opening a brick-and-mortar location in the East Village in 2011 and the West Village in 2012.
According to the shop’s website, founders Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff have been focusing on growing the Big Gay Ice Cream brand as of late. It appears supermarket pints are a part of that expansion.


Big Gay Ice Cream Is Coming To Your Bodega's Freezer


We Made a Thing!"

Golden Girls marathons just got a whole lot sweeter now that Big Gay Ice Cream has started selling their frosty confections by the pint.
The food truck-born soft serve company packaged up their favorite flavors including the Salty Pimp and Dorothy, reimagining them as hard-pack pints a la other grocery store brands. They'll sell seven flavors in total—including a new flavor called Lunchbox, which is strawberry ice cream with strawberry-filled peanut butter cups and peanut butter—available now through Amazon and Fresh Direct and soon to be filling up the freezer chests of your local bodega.
Proprietors Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff got their start in town in 2009 in the truck, eventually opening two brick-and-mortar spots in the East and West Villages, a shake shop in Gansevoort Market, and a location in Philadelphia. In the spirit of restaurants and food brands making retro videos to promote themselves, the duo made their own promo vid that shows the pint-making process.


West Village Ice Cream Shop Helps Suit Up LGBT Youth for Success

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The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on Wednesday went from serving scoops to serving suits to New Yorkers in need.

The iconic West Village ice cream shop is collecting business attire for young people to use during job interviews. The clothes will be donated to the Ali Forney Center, which works to fight homelessness among LGBT youth.

"They were on their own. In the best of circumstances they left home on their own. In the worst of circumstances they had been booted, viciously," said Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Co-owner Doug Quint.

"The simple fact of just living and breathing like everyone else because you're too worried and occupied with finding something to eat or something to wear. So it is very important to have that support," said Maddox Guerilla, an Ali Forney Center client. Professional clothing can be dropped off at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, and at several other locations.


We created this insane sundae with Big Gay Ice Cream and Anne Burrell—taste it this week!

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We love us some ice cream. (Well, most of us do.) That's why we hooked up with the folks at Big Gay Ice Cream and Food Network’s Anne Burrell to create a killer sundae as part of our celebration of the best ice cream flavors in town. The sweet concoction, dubbed the strawberry blonde parfait, is exclusively available at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’s 61 Grove Street location, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this summer. And it’s pretty friggin’ sweet, a mix of organic vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunch and Valrhona-cocoa hot fudge that’s topped with limoncello-spiked Union Square Greenmarket strawberries and house-spun cotton candy. It’s yours for the next week—through July 19—for $9. Pick one up today.